Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New York's Biggest Block Party

I noticed some hubub today around the guggenheim museum as I left work, and my street was blocked off, so I decided it must be interesing and went to check it out. Live music every few feet, artists on display, chalk drawings completely obscuring fifth avenue along the entire stretch of museum mile. I saw a guy juggle fire, then juggle 3 batons...while balancing an upside down unicycle on his chin. He also then climbed onto the unicycle, and juggled a fire baton, a sword, and an apple while riding around. Apparently I had stumbled onto the Museum Mile Festival and it was fantastic!


Blogger Aras said...

that guy's crazy. you should have yelled at that guy that he's crazy and he's gonna burn and cut himself, mortally!

Blogger darius said...

i heard about that festival last year and almost went. i guess i should've. i could've prevented that man's death.

Blogger Aras said...

that must be some crazy block party that you decided to end your blog with it, instead of posting anything more...about maybe like your trip you lithuania!?!


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